Win a one year long subscription to BasiCare Plus with free ($0 co-pay) prescriptions & virtual health care

Win a one year long subscription to BasiCare Plus with free ($0 co-pay) prescriptions & virtual health care

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Ends June 30

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BasiCare Plus provides you access to the basics of care at no cost to you and includes up to eight dependents.  Basicare Plus provides you and your family $0 co-pay acute & chronic Prescriptions, Virtual Urgent Care, Virtual Primary Care and Mental Health Care, all at a charge of $0 for you and your dependents. A family of nine is included at no additional charge.

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Terms and Conditions

There is NO purchase necessary. Winner is chosen randomly. However, should you enroll now via the Basicare Abenity page to begin receiving your $0 prescriptions, you will be refunded your premiums if you are the chosen winner when the contest period ends.

$0 Co-pay Acute medications: Access to 99% of the most commonly prescribed acute medications without limitations to dose, duration, frequency or form all for free. Over 70,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Covers common acute ailments such as, but not limited to: sinus, respiratory, or rashes

$0 Co-Pay Chronic medications: Provides over 92% of the most commonly prescribed chronic medications to you for free in 90 day supply via mail order. Includes, but it not limited to: Cardiac, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Mental health & more.

$0 Co-pay Virtual Urgent Care: Nationwide access to health care from your mobile device for your entire family. Connect to a physician for acute ailments for you or a dependent.

$0 Co-pay Virtual Primary Care: Dedicated physician relationship, integrated prescriptions, annual wellness & chronic care management

$0 Mental Health Counseling: Telephonic counseling for you and your family with up to eight face-to-face consultations per incident.

Also included, ID theft & will creation. Bundle includes 134 mental health medications

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